How To Use Msconfig to Stop Startup Programs From Loading


Scott Sekinger



  1. Have you every notice that over time your PC begins to slow down over time.  One of the reasons why your computer runs slowly is because there are programs that are running running in the background.  Most of these programs you do not need to have running in the background. Use Msconfig to shut down the unnecessary programs can speedup the your PC and cut down on conflicts a program might have with another one.  Msconfig is a great program to diagnose problems with your PC.   To run Msconfig do the following
  2. Go to Start>Run, or press the <Windows>+<R> at the same time.
  3. Type in Msconfig This open Microsoft System Configuration Utility


  5.   At this point you can click on either the Services or the Startup tab.

  6.   Uncheck the program(s) that you do not want to load at startup.

  7.   Click OK.

  8. Restart your PC when prompted.
Make a note of any thing you uncheck just in case just in case you need to check it so it the program you uncheck starts up at startup.  I highly recommend that you test your system after  you uncheck  any program .  Checkout MajorGeeks site for a detail list of programs that can be safely disabled at startup.  I disagree with what the site says about using "services.msc", because it allows you to hide all of the Microsoft services, which makes it easier to turn off any unwanted startup programs.