Google Shortcuts


Scott Sekinger



Google is the most popular search engines out there, but most people do not realize that Google has useful shortcuts that can help you do many things.  These things range from finding what websites link to a specific website to searching for movie showtimes.  Below are my favorite shortcuts.

Site:<Name of Website> 

Example “Robbery”

This limits your search results to the website after the :

Safesearch:<Search Term>

Example safesearch:breast cancer

This limits your results to sites that are safe.  This is useful when searching for something that might take you to adult websites



This gives all of sites that link to the site after the :

Movie: < name of movie <zip code>

Example movie:superhero movie 21090

Gives you the chowtimes and locations for the specified movie in a zip code

Enter A place’s name and zip code or state

Example: best buys MD

This gives you information of a place you are looking for.


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