Free Music on the Internet


Scott Sekinger


There is a lot of free legal music that can be found on the internet.  This music ranges from children music to holiday music.  These songs are from independent artist to well known artists.  The sites below are great sites that allow you to listen to legal music for free:

1.    AOL Music Beta - AOL’s site for Music Videos, Songs, Radio, Free Music Downloads and More! The site’s address is

2.    CNet’s - CNet’s Music is your source for legal and free MP3 downloads. Download MP3s from thousands of artists.  The site’s address is

3.    Free Kids Music - A great site that allows you to discover great new music for children at Free and legal MP3 music download for kids! The website’s address is

4.’s Free Music Library - offers thousands of free songs, albums, exclusive interviews and more for free.  The site’s address is

5.    Pandora Radio - Pandora radio is the personalized internet radio service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. The website’s address is

6.    Live365 Internet Radio - Live365 Internet Radio - thousands of free online radio stations.  The website’s address  is

7.    Slacker Personal Radio allows you to create free stations to listen to your favorite music that the site offers. The sites address is

There are many artists that are offering free downloadable music off of their own website.